Wednesday, September 7, 2022

My New Book "Zheph Skyre; Book I; Fire" has Been Printed!

Hello everyone! My new book "Zheph Skyre; Book I; Fire" has been printed. It is currently available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Etsy. For those who might be interested, here is a summery of the story.

Zheph Skyre lives in the city of Heartrogard in the country of Corthon on the world of Terra Geaya. He is a determined young inventor of steam technology in a land that seems to be stuck in primitive times behind a giant wall. He is always on the run from knights trying to arrest him for several crimes, a gang of thieves desperate to use his creations for their own schemes, and the remaining citizens who claim that he is a devil worshipper. The only solace he has is in his friend Vanessa, a princess who favors Gothic attire. Everything turns upside down for him and his friend when a dragon leading an army of orcs comes and captures Vanessa, while nearly destroying all of Heartrogard.

In his darkest moment, Zheph wills himself to complete his latest design, a mechanical suit of armor that he can operate. The young inventor tests his machine to find that it is far too cumbersome. He doesn’t possess the knowledge to make it fast or strong enough to withstand the might of this current foe. He is forced to quickly refer to a method he has no faith in, magic. With the help of an incantation, Zheph manages to bring his invention to life, but the results are unexpected from what he anticipated. Despite all of the setbacks, Zheph still journeys out to rescue his only companion, facing many dangers along the way.

I have had an interveiw with the Holden Landmark has written an awwesome article about me and the book. I will be having book signings, readings, television stations, and I will be attending conventions and fairs in order to share my book with my target audience. I will share more news when it is available.

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