Wednesday, September 7, 2022

My New Book "Zheph Skyre; Book I; Fire" has Been Printed!

Hello everyone! My new book "Zheph Skyre; Book I; Fire" has been printed. It is currently available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes and Noble and Etsy. For those who might be interested, here is a summery of the story.

Zheph Skyre lives in the city of Heartrogard in the country of Corthon on the world of Terra Geaya. He is a determined young inventor of steam technology in a land that seems to be stuck in primitive times behind a giant wall. He is always on the run from knights trying to arrest him for several crimes, a gang of thieves desperate to use his creations for their own schemes, and the remaining citizens who claim that he is a devil worshipper. The only solace he has is in his friend Vanessa, a princess who favors Gothic attire. Everything turns upside down for him and his friend when a dragon leading an army of orcs comes and captures Vanessa, while nearly destroying all of Heartrogard.

In his darkest moment, Zheph wills himself to complete his latest design, a mechanical suit of armor that he can operate. The young inventor tests his machine to find that it is far too cumbersome. He doesn’t possess the knowledge to make it fast or strong enough to withstand the might of this current foe. He is forced to quickly refer to a method he has no faith in, magic. With the help of an incantation, Zheph manages to bring his invention to life, but the results are unexpected from what he anticipated. Despite all of the setbacks, Zheph still journeys out to rescue his only companion, facing many dangers along the way.

I have had an interveiw with the Holden Landmark has written an awwesome article about me and the book. I will be having book signings, readings, television stations, and I will be attending conventions and fairs in order to share my book with my target audience. I will share more news when it is available.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Pages 170, 171, 172, 173, 174, and 175

Here are pages 170, 171, 172, 173, 174, and 175 of Zheph Skyre. I have been very busy up until as of late, and I wish to update this blog as quickly as possible.

This may seem like an odd page to come to once finishing the flashback. Zheph is gathering metal and discovers that the giant metal token the dragon pulled off the wall was really made out of bronze that had aged. He decides to use some of this despite the fact that bronze is a weak metal. I wasn't originally going to have this page here, but I felt like it would help later down the road to put this page here.

Here we see Zheph melting the metal scraps for his invention. Jahovac has managed to get into his underground home again, but Zheph doesn't appear to care. It seems he is focused on getting his special weapon made. I think this conversation that Zheph and Jahovac start to have an interesting conversation in my opinion. They have very different ideals about fighting, killing, and life in general.

The two of them continue to talk, and now they discuss magic. This was where I wanted Zheph to come to a realization that magic exists in this world.

Jahovac reveals to Zheph that his father was Flamoxian. This explains a good amount of his features. Jahovac seems to have an alarmed expression when Zheph discribes his mother...

Jahovac leaves and Zheph begins to wonder if they are becoming friends. Perhaps they are, but Jahovac refuses to acknowledge it. And finally Zheph unveils what is under the sheet.

I really enjoyed making this steam punk robot armor! I had some sketches of what it would look like, but I decided to add some details here and there that would make it look more steam punk. And then we go to Vanessa's location.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Page 166, 167, 168, & 169 of Zheph Skyre

Sorry I have not been updating this blog as often as I used to, but I have been rather busy with jobs, conventions, and making art! Here are pages 166, 167, 168, and 169 of Zheph Skyre!

Jacques appears to be trying to get under Zheph's skin, and it works, but it also backfires. Jacques gives Zheph some advice despite their mutual hatred towards one another. I wanted to show that both characters are angry at each other, but their history prevents them from staying completely angry at each other and they are both suffering from the situation.

Here's another flashback, but this time it appears to be following some homeless boys. I wanted to make it a mystery as to who these two boys are, so I decided to keep their eyes as hidden as possible for the moment. I also wanted it to be snowing at night to show how much they are suffering.

So this flashback is of Zheph and Jacques when they first meet. Jacques appears to be generous at first, and they seem to appear very friendly towards each other. What could have gone so wrong?

So Zheph and Jacques continued on for sometime, gathering other homeless kids like themselves so that they can work together to steal and survive. Jahovac appears to be the one who plans while Zheph invents tools to help them. I wanted to show a random succession of time as they become friends and work together. In the last panel, I wanted to show how much their lives improved as they are now washed up, better dressed, better equipped, and their hair is better groomed.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Flora in Winter at WAM 2016

Here are some pictures I took of floral arrangements at the Worcester Art Museum during the four days of Flora in Winter.

 I am not providing as much informational detail as I have in past blog posts because I have too much to do now with my web comic series and other responsibilities.
 Instead of long descriptions, I would rather like to allow you, the viewer to interpret these floral arrangements for yourselves.
Whether or not these arrangements were created by professional arrangers or from individuals to compliment a piece of artwork, they each hold certain beauty.
 If you wish for further information about these arrangements, the Worcester Art Museum  has more information on their website.
 The opening party on Thursday night was quite interesting with live music, appetizers, and liquor provided along with tours.

Some plants are quite interesting in shape, even to someone such as myself.

Even this armor had an arrangement! Metal armor created for war interpreted in flowers... That has a little irony in it...

One of my good friends dressed for the occasion.

Here is the main piece for the Flora in Winter.

This year was quite impressive. If you did not come to see these floral arrangements this year, I highly recommend coming next year.