Sunday, November 29, 2015

Super MegaFest 2015 in Framingham, MA

Last weekend, on the 21st and 22nd, I went to Super Megafest in Framingham Massachusetts. While I was there, I passed out flyers or my we comic series and I sold some of my artwork on printed various items like t-shirts, posters, postcards, mugs, magnets, and other items. I wore my HORSE costume based on the video done by the Internet sensation, TomSka.

This convention was not very large, and had a small attendance, but it did seem a bit interesting. I was located near a 3D printer, and that was cool to watch.

Here are some business cards from various vendors, authors, and artists I saw at the convention.

This seemed interesting, some web comics have included little samples on the back or inside of their cards. I might consider doing something like that at some point.

Some vendors just gave away stickers as their business cards, which seemed like a fun idea!

And here was the program book for the convention. There were not that many panels at the convention, but there were plenty of guests and vendors there. There's another Super Megafest in April in Marlborough, but I am unsure if I should go to that one.

There was also some interviewing press form the online show  Con-Men. They interviewed me, but they still haven't posted a video of this convention on their website yet.

Monday, October 12, 2015

Hartford Comic Con 2015

On September 19th and 20th I went to Hartford Comic Con.

I did not do nearly as well in sales as I did at other conventions, however from what I have heard, last year at this convention people tabling had done far better in sales. It may have been due to the fact that last year this convention took place in May as opposed to September. The main audience for comic book conventions would be just starting their year in school or college. There were many other factors like The Big E, bike races, and other events going on the same weekend.

I did not get a chance to go to any panels or anything because yet again I was tabling by myself. 

I still had fun talking to people, especially my neighboring artists.

There were many very interesting costumes.

There were also many interesting things brought there.

Unfortunately I doubt I will be going next year to this convention. A lot of the other people that had tables here also felt the same way due to the small audience and lack of sales. It is unfortunate. Perhaps a better date would have been much better, perhaps a later month like November.

Hartford Comic Con surprisingly is held at another convention center other than the one Connecticon is held at. I did not know Hartford had other possible locations to hold conventions.

The next convention I will be attending will be Super Megafest. I was only able to get onto the wait list for Rhode Island Comic Con, and Alternicon has been filled up. It is unfortunate, but I can only attend one convention per month. Super Megafest will be November 21st and 22nd.

I realized a few things about my table display that I could improve upon. I will try to make some improvements for the next convention.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Page 162, 163, 164, & 165 of Zheph Skyre

Sorry I have not been updating this blog as often as I used to, but I have been rather busy with jobs, conventions, and making art! Here are pages 162, 163, 164, and 165 of Zheph Skyre!

Here we see the audience reaction to the King's declaration to reward those who would rescue the princess. As anyone would guess, people are terrified of the dragon and don't care for the princesses one bit. Of coarse Zheph would be willing to at least rescue Vanessa, but why would Sir Luther? Better yet, why would Jacques? He appears to want something...

Jacques wants to become king through marriage to all three princesses. This seems... rather ridiculous, but the King does not believe he has any options. It does appear Jacques has a plan, but will it work?

I did tend to like working on these pages considering they had less detail than most of them, though there's no action going on.

The King wants as many people as possible to go along with this plan, including Zheph. Zheph seems to disagree, and he tells the King to try to force him along with Jacques. It seems that Zheph has built up enough courage from his past exploits against Heartrogard's Knights to stand up to the King!

And the King goes along with Zheph's second plan! Perhaps he doesn't want to waste the manpower that would be required to save his daughters... Jacques tries to convince Zheph to join up with him, but Zheph knows or believes in many things. He knows from experience that the dragon is no easy opponent. He knows Jacques will never be able to capture Zheph again. And he knows Vanessa would never allow herself to marry Jacques.

More will come after my return from Hartford Comic Con!

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Boston Comic Con

The weekend after last, I went to Boston Comic Con! I had an Artists' Alley table, and I hosted a web comic panel with a few other web comic artists and writers. I may not have made nearly as much money to make up for the cost of everything, but I did have an awesome time!

I would have loved to meet Stan Lee or certain other celebrities that were at the convention, but they all costed extra money to meet! Stan Lee's autographs and pictures costed $100 each, and his Q&A panel required VIP badges. The other celebrities were not nearly as much, but it would have still been expensive. As I had an Artists' Alley table and no one to help man it, I could not risk spending the extra money and time to meet these people. Perhaps another time.


Here are pictures of my table. I used PBC pipe to create front and back display stands for my table. They worked very well & I noticed others also using such structures at their tables.

I also helped host a panel called "How Webcomics Changed my Life" with Don Mathais, Rich Clabaugh, and Joe Medeiros. I may not have nearly spoken as much as the other panelists, but I did help contribute. I had to remind everyone that we had to introduce ourselves at the very end. It was an interesting experience.

There were numerous impressive cosplays at this convention! Some of these were also very creative!

There were many tables with awesome art for sale.

There were plenty of comic book related items for sale. I myself bought some manga books for a discount.

Here we see some of the Drink and Draw party outside in the WTC Headhouse Concourse after the Artists' Alley and vendors' booths were closed on Friday. There was dancing, music, overpriced food and drinks that were still very good, and a small area where the artists could sit down to chat and make art. It was awesome!

The World Trade Center is a beautiful place!

There was a very funny panel before the one I hosted with other web comic artists. It was called "Sketch Fighter," and it was a game of between comic artists and comedians.

There were other very well known celebrities like Billie Piper from Doctor Who & Penny Dreadful, Hayley Atwell from certain Marvel movies such as Captain America, Bob Morley, Robin Lord Taylor from Gotham and the Walking Dead, Thomas Jane from the Punisher, Brett Dalton from The Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Manu Brennett from Arrow and The Hobbit, and Kat Graham. These celebrities also costed extra money to get autographs and pictures from. I suppose hiring these people to come to conventions must cost too much money that jacking up the price of admission was just out of the question. It is unfortunate that I did not have the money and the time to meet these people, but oh well. There was also Scott Ian from Anthrax, and I have no idea why musicians don't charge for autographs and photos.

Here are some cards and pamphlets that I managed to grab while I was at the convention.

Here we have Boston Comic Workspace.  They have classes and a Roundtable to talk about comics.

Here was a small comic book by Kate Bresnahan. She had some interesting stuff and the comics are interesting.

Of coarse there are some stores that buy comics as well as sell them.

Here's a card for Ryan MacLeod. He makes a lot of small sculptures that look pretty cool.

Here's a card for Josh Dahl of Monolith Panels, writer of the comic Rapid City. He also included this description of the comic. It sounded very interesting.

Northeast Comic Con apparently runs a convention in Winter as well as summer. I missed the one in Summer because I had another convention to do the weekend before. Not sure if I should try to attend this one.

Here's a description for the web comic of one the panelists that I shared the web comic panel with. His web comic is called "Sydney or the Bush."

Here's another web comic artist that was at our panel, George Acevedo, for the comic Salvagers.

Here's a business card for Shawn Langley's art.

And here's a flyer for a web comic called The Secret Lives of Villians. It is quite funny.

I'm hoping to go to more conventions in the future. Hopefully I can form a group of artists to join together for these conventions and we can help each other out when we have to leave our tables. That way, we can converse with others in this business and have a little fun as well. The next convention will be Hartford Comic Con!