Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Page 135 of Zheph Skyre still in Progress

I was not able to get page 134 and 135 of Zheph Skyre finished completely yet. I apologize. I kept trying to draw the wings on the dragon on page 135, so it was delayed. Next week I will post a funny side comic with less detail as I need to finish up these two pages.

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I just caught up to date with the web comic series Spinnerette. It is a good comic series with interesting characters and story line. I discovered this series at this past Anime Boston after going to a few panels about web comics.

This series follows a college girl who becomes a six armed super hero and everyone she comes across both including super powered beings and regular people. There are some strong topics that this comic dwells upon like gay relationships, racism, what constitutes as good as well as what constitutes as evil, and other topics based on reality.

The art style is very good, though at times it is blatantly obvious that there is another artist assisting with certain chapters.

The humor sometimes isn't that strong though sometimes. The joke a super villain makes about Spinnerrette requiring a ton of armpit deodorant makes me imagine a cricket chirping in the background. There are some times the humor is good, yet it seems like the artist is just really fascinated with female busts.

Overall, I highly recommend this series to anyone who like Anime and the superhero genre. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Page 134 Still in Progress

I have uploaded page 134 of Zheph Skyre, but it still has a lot of work. Some of it is still in pencil because it has a lot of detail I wanted to include. I just hope this doesn't set me back too far. I will post updates about it later.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Page 133 is Finished! Also I have a Project Wonderful Add Space...

Here is page 133 of Zheph Skyre finished! I still have a lot to do on page 134, so it definitely will not be in color tomorrow.

Zheph's staff is suddenly roaring with flames far larger than what was produced earlier in the story. He is shocked at this unpredictable event. He also just confused when he suddenly feels a rush of fatigue, but he suddenly feels an adrenaline rush when an orc tries to slice off his head from behind. Zheph ducks in time and manages to use the destructive power of his blade on the orc. However, Zheph appears disturbed to see the orc incinerate before his eyes.

I have a Project Wonderful add space at the top of my web comic site. I recently joined this website in order to get more out of having advertising on my website and advertising my web site. I was highly recommended this from a few very popular web comic artists at Anime Boston.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Page 132 Finished & Possibly Showing Art at Chessiecon 2014

I posted the finished version of page 132 of Zheph Skyre. I am thrilled to be finished with this page and am now one step closer to getting up to date on this web series.

On this page, Zheph appears to be in trouble as two orcs attack him simultaneously. Luckily, Zheph has two retractable shields, and a tail that can at least stab with gun blade.

Usually in battles, multiple opponents will attack within short times of each other, so there may not be a good chance to go on the offensive. This is where many series and movies get to be unrealistic. The heroes always have one opponent attacking them after the other, but what if three opponents got wise and tried attacking as well? Would the hero be able to block despite having a limited number of limbs and brain capabilities that all humans share? I might explore this even further later on.

Vanessa manages to lend Zheph a hand, and throws him his staff, despite the fact that they are all currently fighting. It appears Zheph's staff is finally ready to produce burning blades.

I have been invited to display my artwork in the art show at Chessiecon 2014. It is a sci-fi/fantasy convention in Baltimore, MD. I doubt I would be able to afford going down there myself to hang my artwork and take part in the convention, so I might mail my artwork down there. I must get more information before I decide.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Page 131 is Finished!

I apologize for the wait, but I finally got page 131 completed! It has been very stressful trying to get all of my pages up to date lately. I hope things will go smoother.

Here Zheph copies the fighting move from Mortal Combat's Scorpion with his grappling hook and blade gun. Pretty much any fictional character that is armed with a grappling hook should be capable of doing something similar to this. However it can clearly backfire, which would be funny to see in the video game. Zheph manages to adapt to these sudden changes in a fight.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Latest Page of Zheph Skyre

So far the latest page of Zheph Skyre now has text, but still no color. I will have a new page up next week and in the meantime, I will try to finish up all of the coloring I have to do! It has all been very busy for me within the past few weeks!