Sunday, January 31, 2016

Flora in Winter at WAM 2016

Here are some pictures I took of floral arrangements at the Worcester Art Museum during the four days of Flora in Winter.

 I am not providing as much informational detail as I have in past blog posts because I have too much to do now with my web comic series and other responsibilities.
 Instead of long descriptions, I would rather like to allow you, the viewer to interpret these floral arrangements for yourselves.
Whether or not these arrangements were created by professional arrangers or from individuals to compliment a piece of artwork, they each hold certain beauty.
 If you wish for further information about these arrangements, the Worcester Art Museum  has more information on their website.
 The opening party on Thursday night was quite interesting with live music, appetizers, and liquor provided along with tours.

Some plants are quite interesting in shape, even to someone such as myself.

Even this armor had an arrangement! Metal armor created for war interpreted in flowers... That has a little irony in it...

One of my good friends dressed for the occasion.

Here is the main piece for the Flora in Winter.

This year was quite impressive. If you did not come to see these floral arrangements this year, I highly recommend coming next year.