Thursday, February 26, 2015

Pages 153, 154, & 2 Videos at Connecticon 2015

I am sorry, but I have been very busy as of late, though I have been snowboarding and watching Game of Thrones as of late.

I have completed pages 153 and 154 of Zheph Skyre. I had also posted videos in between each weeks because these particular pages were taking a lot of time to complete. As you can see, I drew a lot of detail in certain areas.

Here are videos of Chris Canson and Laura Landa at the Press Junket at Connecticon 2015. These videos I recorded primarily for WCCA TV13. They were really cool guests.

Here's page 153. As you can see, Zheph is not moved by Jahovac's anger and threats. He is focused on trying to get Vanessa back from the dragon, but there is an awful amount of fear behind his eyes. We look back at when the dragon swallowed Zheph whole...

Here's page 153. Zheph was swallowed by the dragon, and it should not have been unexpected to find that he was not the only thing the dragon had recently devoured. He was lucky enough not to have been burned alive or chewed up before entering the dragon's stomach, but as we already know, that did not work out for the dragon in the end.

So now Zheph is going to try to search for this lost treasure the dragon wants. Will he be able to find it? Will the dragon truly spare him and Vanessa if he does bring it...?

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Flora at WAM 2015

Worcester Art Museum's Flora in Winter was this past week from Thursday January 29th to Sunday February 1st. It was quite busy at the museum, but not as busy as the previous year which was not as busy as the year before that. It appears that the majority of people who have seen Flora in the past believe it is the same exact thing year after year. That is not the case, as different arrangements are made in different areas of the museum. It is impossible to create the same exact floral arrangements year after year, so why bother. For those who missed out on this event, you missed something special.

Though the museum had no reason to charge an extra $6 for admission every day of this event. Sure there are more people who come for Flora than normal days, but clearly the increase of price does not attract people. Besides, the museum doesn't pay the amateur florists for their arrangements. They did it for publicity in hopes of getting business with the target audience.

Here is the Flora bust with the arrangement around it. In honor of the Higgins collection coming to the museum, we incorporated knights with this and a few other floral arrangements.

Here's a floral arrangement in the cafe.

Even the bathrooms have been decorated with floral arrangements by professional florists.
I know a good number of women would enjoy flowers in the bathroom, but there aren't as many men. It is too bad both genders weren't be able to see both floral arrangements during normal museum hours.

As usual, there were floral arrangements on the Renaissance court balcony.

This one was pretty by Mugford's Flower Shoppe...

And so was this by Seed to Stem, except for the fact that they used a stuffed fox in the arrangement. It is one thing to use bones of an animal since it has been dead for quite some time, but stuffed animals were hunted down just to be stuffed as some sort of perverse trophy and decoration. It makes me sad to think about.

Here's a floral arrangement by Jackie Potenzone for "The Christ of Saint Gregory." Birds of Paradise are a very interesting type of flower.

Here's a floral arrangement by Gianna Thoma for "Modello for the Assumption of the Virgin." I really liked the swirling, metal rack that was used to hold up these flowers.

Here's a floral arrangement by Lois Frampton and Deborah Dowson for the painting "Smiling Young Man Squeezing Grapes." I really liked how they managed to get flowers to float in what appears to be water.

Here's a floral arrangement for the painting of "St. Bartholomew" by Chrystal Paul and Helen Blazis. There is definitely some obvious symbolism here.

Here's a floral arrangement for the three Orantes statues by Michele Landes. Bamboo adds a certain look to floral arrangements that makes them interesting on certain levels.

Here's a floral arrangement for the large basin with five dragons in the Chinese Jades and Pottery Gallery by Robin Whitney. I love the jade basin, but the flowers do not nearly give it the defining presence the bowl itself has. Perhaps the floral arranger could have used flowers that were more waxy than soft.

Here's a floral arrangement for the sculpture of Buddha's head by Minal Akkad. I did like this one.

Here's a floral arrangement for the statue of Hapidefzl in the Egyptian gallery by Sally E. Jablonski. It is interesting what she did since the statue has no color.

Here's a floral arrangement for the relief from the tomb of Lady Francesca de Lasta by Julie Lapham. Again, this was another piece with no color.

Here are two floral arrangements that were in the Salisbury Hall both from Danieison Flowers. The chair looked amazing!

Here's a floral arrangement by Mary Fletcher for "Jonh Bours." It is amazing how she managed to portray the brown velvet suit.

Here's a floral arrangement by Sandra Tosches for "Jeremiah Greene." This was designed as more of a traditional arrangement.

Here's a floral arrangement by Kathy Michie for "Venus at the Forge of Vulcan." It was interesting to see a floral arrangement in the Knights exhibit.

Here's a floral arrangement by Virginia Orlando and Candice Atchue for "The Hull." It is awesome how they used a large conch shell and a zebra's lower jaw bone to help portray this autopsy painting.

Here's a floral arrangement by MaryEllen J. O'Brien for "Laocoon." I really liked the sculpture, so I really appropriated this.

Here's a floral arrangement by Sarah Ribeiro for "William James and Elizabeth James." Interesting rectangular vases.

Here's a floral arrangement by Kim Cutler for "Girl Playing Solitaire." It is very serine.

This floral arrangement for the "Nayarit Model of a Ballgame" by Ken Bositis and Micheal Alien was dedicated to the upcoming Super Bowl. You could see on the scoreboard that is was predicted that both teams would be tied at 27 with 3 seconds left in the game forcing the game to go into overtime, but that was not correct. It was still pretty funny! There was even a tiny figure behind the stands peeing!

 Here are two floral arrangements that were in the Salisbury Lobby.