Wednesday, July 30, 2014

That's Entertainment Godzilla Double Feature 2014 & Latest Update about Zheph Skyre

I decided to change the date my web comic update because I was always updating by Wednesday anyways and it will be easier for me in the end. The latest page still needs a lot of work.

Last week on Monday July 14th, it was my 28th birthday. It also just so happened, it was also the night of That's E's annual Godzilla Double Feature, so a few of my friends agreed to come along! We had an awesome time!

The two movies were Godzilla Vs Smog Monster and Godzilla Vs Destroyah. Both movies had similar premises where Godzilla was facing a devastating kaiju that starts off as many smaller creatures that combine into one giant form. In both movies the kaiju Godzilla was facing had certain abilities that threatened the world, and his adversary could fly. Man also helped out with the disastrous situation.

The first movie was funny considering the design of the monster, the way the Smog Monster killed people, the way the monsters moved, the animated clips, and certain other funny parts that this older movie had. Destroyah was much more intimidating, and in that movie it had a sad ending where Godzilla melts away from his own nuclear power. However, more people preferred the hilarious cheesiness of the first movie that was shown that night.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Connecticon 2014

Last weekend, from July 10th to the 13th, I went to Connecticon 2014, and I recorded a ton of footage that I will compile into various videos for WCCA TV13. I had an awesome time, and as a special treat, here's something awesome from the masquerade that I filmed:

I also got to see guests like Diedrich Bader, Janet Varney, Maurice LaMarche, Noah Hathaway, Richard Horvitz, Rikki Simons, Rob Paulsen, Walter Jones, Beat Down Boogie, Doug Walker, LittleKuriboh (Martin Billany), TeamFourStar, and many others! I also bought a few cool things and got to see some interesting things around Hartford. More will be available later.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Page 135 of Zheph Skyre

Here's page 135 of my web comic Zheph Skyre in full color. It had taken a while to finish coloring it due to many events this summer. I'm hoping to get caught up in my work as soon as possible.

Zheph threw an explosive grenade. As he has stated before, he doesn't want to kill, so he usually doesn't resort to using this particular grenade. Vanessa seems shocked at this. Though she seems confused when Zheph gets nervous while holding her arm. She doesn't seem to get Zheph's real feelings for her.

On top of everything, the dragon finally finds them! Perhaps the grenade wasn't the best way of dealing with the orcs, but it is too late now!

As you can see, the dragon's speech bubbles are different from everyone else's. I wanted to give the feeling that his voice is much different from humans and even orcs. There's just something about dragons that separate them from other species. I originally had a "Chiller" font for the dragon's speech bubbles, but the more I looked at it, the more I was convinced it was not that legible, so I decided to change it.

I didn't originally have the humorous panels with Zheph getting nervous at grabbing Vanessa's arm, but I felt that it would help lighten the mood right before the catastrophe that is bound to occur soon. It also leaves things unfinished between the two...

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Goodnow Library Art Show

I have an art show at the Goodnow Library in Sudbury, MA. I am sharing the space with Elizabeth Swallow and Richard Lagueux. I myself have nine digital prints on display, Richard Lagueux has about nineteen acrylic paintings on display, and Elizabeth Swallow has various pieces of artwork in different mediums hanging on the walls as well as in the display case.

As you can see from the flyer above, we have very different art styles in different mediums on display.

 We currently don't have any descriptions on display, but I have left some business cards and flyers for both the show and my web comic.
 We pretty much have outside and inside of the meeting room at the library, however we wanted our pieces to have enough light on them, so we had to condense many of the pieces together.
The three of us are currently or have worked at the Worcester Art Museum.  We are all also participants in the Genesis Club's Art Committee in Worcester.
The library can not post prices for our artwork, however, if there are any art pieces anyone is interested in purchasing just contact me. I can redirect your questions to Elizabeth or Richard depending on which piece you are interested in buying.