Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Page 138 is Finished, but Page 142 is still in the Works

Because I have a bunch of pages that still require color and the fact that I have this Kickstarter crowd funding project, page 142 is still being worked on. However page 138 is done!

On page 138, Zheph manages to miraculously shield himself from the dragon's burning breath, and then a freezing breath attack. However, the stinger tail may prove to be a different matter...

I am a bit annoyed at having to draw the background. I am hoping that after my Kickstarter crowd funding project, there will be someone willing to assist me with those details.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Kickstarter has Officially Started!

My official Kickstarter project has begun! I have started it in order to get a new drawing tablet, the latest version of Adobe software, and possibly hiring certain friends of mine to assist me with my project. I have various prizes lined up for anyone who donates, including mugs, t-shirts, postcards, magnets, canvas prints, and more!

I decided to go with $4000 in order to get a decent percentage to spend on what I need. I have to pay the IRS, shipping, and Kickstarter will take a portion of what I make, so it is better to have a large goal than a small one.

I decided to have my dog in the video because he is cute, funny, and a good portion of my inspiration. I was hoping that he would be appealing to watch.

I also decided to speed up the video and audio because I wanted the video to be at least 5 minutes long and I thought it would be funny. Anything for entertainment!

The latest page of Zheph Skyre is still in the works. I have various pages I still need to color as well.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Page 137 is Finally in Color!

I finally finished page 137 of Zheph Skyre. Page 140 is still being worked on and I am trying to finish up the Kickstarter video, so things might be a little slow for a while.

Here we see Vanessa getting captured by the dragon. She might be very skilled with swords, but it appears this dragon isn't that threatened by the capabilities of normal humans. Zheph charges after her, which goes against his nature, but considering the situation now is the time to get angry. It looks like anger isn't going to help against this dragon though...