Sunday, July 12, 2015

Art in the Park 2015

Here are some sculptures from Worcester Massachusetts's Art in the Park for this summer. I enjoyed seeing these.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

MASSive Comic Con 2015

This past weekend I went to a new comic book convention called MASSive Comic Con.

 MASSive Comic Con was a very interesting experience! Never before did I ever imagine that there would be a comic book or anything related to geek culture type of convention would be held in the closest city to my home town! I was able to park at my job's parking lot and walk to the DCU Center to sell my artwork! It was awesome!

Here are some interesting vehicles that have been in television shows and movies. There was the Dukes of Hazard car, the Police Car RoboCop used, Kit from Nightrider, and

I did make more money than I did at the last convention I went to, but I still did not make a complete profit over the amount of money I spent. It maybe due to the fact that this was still a little small for a convention compared to many others, it might be due to the fact that the my display of my table did not look nearly as good and professional as others, or possibly I needed to change the prices on some of my merchandise. I would have loved to have a credit card swipe for my laptop, but I heard that even after you buy the device, it still costs money to run the software. This is still a learning experience for me. I have a display setup in mind to build for Boston Comic Con.

My parents were able to come for a little bit at times and help out, though I should have given them a heads up longer in advanced. I did try to ask some fellow artists to share the table with me but they were either too busy or did not have the money. I would love to share this experience with others.

There were some awesome costumes cosplayers were wearing there! Among them were BellechereJennifer Rose and Ruby Rinekso. All three had tables right across from mine, and they wore awesome costumes!

There were some very interesting vendors like this saloon booth where metal mugs were being sold for $15 each, but included unlimited refills of soda for the entire weekend! I know that might be a little expensive for a mug, but it was an awesome deal!

There were some awesome celebrity guests as well. I did not get a chance to talk to them as I had a table to look over, but from the looks of it, they were all very nice. They included Aaron Ashmore, Sean Austin, Dante Basco, Dirk Benedict, Erin Cahill, Joanna Cassidy, Jim Cummings, Jason Faunt, Mark Goddard, Jess Harnell, Noah Hathaway, Richard Hatch, Rob Paulson, and Tami, Stranach.

I was asked if I could possibly be of some assistance in providing information on the experience of being a vendor at a convention for Seven Hills. They were talking about possibly creating a comic for their clients about such convention experiences.

There were quite a few interesting artists at this convention as well. One o the other artists I had seen before at Naugticon. Her name is Lisa and she has her own studio called Happy Kitty Studio. Others are Emily Hamncock, Galaxy's DragonAgnes Garbowska who I believe works on the My Little Pony Comic Book, Scott K. Monyeiro, Sheryl Westleigh of Noadi's Art, Rhiannon & Peter McCullough of the McCullough Effect,, Jay Moore of Eden Park Tales, Nathan G. Gagne of Shadow Marshalls, and Wolf Blair Creations. Check out their comics and their merchandise!

There were even podcasters like Bill Gladman & Eric J. Ratcliffe of

Of coarse this convention also advertised for other conventions like Rock Shock and New England Super Megafest Comic-Con. One upcoming convention invited me personally to sign up for an artists' alley table. It is called Hartford Comic Con, and it is in September. I might consider going to it and possibly go to Connecticon in 2016.

I had an awesome time. It was a very enjoyable learning experience for me even though I did not make too much of a profit.