Wednesday, September 24, 2014

stART on the Street & Sudbury Library Show Video

This past Sunday was stART on the Street in Worcester, MA, and I had my artwork on prints for sale at the Genesis Creative Arts Committee's table. I was not able to attend because I had to work, but I definitely  should have gotten the day off ahead of time from what I heard. One person bought a print, someone was about to buy 4, and many people looked at my work and asked the price. Next time, I will try to get the day off.

I posted the video of the art show "Three's Company" I was a part of at the Goodnow Library in Sudbury on my web comic website Zheph Skyre.  I started editing the video with Elizabeth Swallow and Richard Lagueux because I respect them, and I wanted to mention my web comic series at the very end. We still have our show at the Gale Free Library in Holden, MA until October 15th.

I will be on a hiatus from making new pages for Zheph Skyre, but I will be updating the previous pages that are not finished.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Restarted the Zheph Skyre Kickstarter Campaign

I had to start my Zheph Skyre Kickstarter crowd sourcing project because I did not meet the goal of $4000. I decided to change the goal to $800 because there is a new computer tablet that runs Photoshop that is not nearly as expensive as what I was about to try to get. It came out after I had already begun the project.

Please feel free to support my project! I would very much appreciate it!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Delain at Worcester's Palladium

I went to the Sonata Arctica concert at the Palladium last Saturday. The guest bands that were included were Chronologist, Xandria, and Delain. Delain has been a special guest at the Palladium before, and at the time I didn't think it would be worth going to see unless if they were the headline band. At the time I didn't think a band would give much of a performance as a guest band compared to a headline band. Thankfully when I went to the show, I was wrong in my assumption.

I found Xandria very enjoyable, quite so much that I bought two of their CD's. Their band's vocalist, Diana van Giersbergen, has quite the voice, and the rest of the band members were awesome too. Chronologist was enjoyable even though they have no lyrics and vocals whatsoever. I had to war up to Sonata Arctica, for they played their instruments with awesome talent, but I was a bit hazy on the lead singer's voice, Tony Kakko, though that maybe because I usually prefer female singers in symphonic metal bands. Maybe I was just expecting more of a deeper voice from him or something, but at least he doesn't growl like certain vocals in certain bands. Some shouting/growling is all right in music sometimes, but not all the time.

Honestly Delain really took control of the show the best. They were the only band to set up anything in the background before they performed, and they were the only band that used fog machines. Sure, Sonata Arctica used the technicolor lights, but I found Delain more visually entertaining. Their vocalist, Johanna Charlotte Wessels, sang beautifully, and she had this remarkable energy to her despite the fact that the room was hot! With that rare energy and that intoxicating smile, she got the crowd pumped up and even jumping at times! The other band members also played their instruments awesomely. They also performed some of their best songs including Get the Devil Out of Me, We are the Others, April Rain, Breathe on Me, and Stardust. This was a show worth seeing, and there were even people outside who tried to buy people's spare tickets or tried to sneak in!

I am really looking forward to seeing Within Temptation and Ameranthe at the Palladium next month!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Page 139 is Completely Finished!

I have finished coloring page 139 of Zheph Skyre! I am still very far behind with a few of the latest pages of my web comic, but I am plugging away at it! The Kickstarter project is taking up a lot of time too and that only has 11 days left.

Zheph's ass appears to be handed to him by this dragon. His retractable shields have broken apart from the impact of the dragon's tail, but it just barely saves him as he crashes into a stone wall. Zheph still appears determined to rescue Vanessa, but the dragon doesn't appear to be done with him yet.

I originally was going to have only six panels on this page, but I decided to split the panel right before the last one because I wanted to show Zheph is still pushing himself forward despite the fact that things look grim.

Another hard part was trying to decide what sound effects should go where as there is a lot going on.