Friday, March 29, 2013

Page 71 and 72 of Zheph Skyre

 Here are pages 71 and 72 of my web comic series Zheph Skyre.

Here Zheph and Vanessa disagree on the possibility of leaving Corthon. Zheph just wants it to be the two of them, but Vanessa wants her mother to join as well because she cares about her and worries that she is not happy living in the castle. Zheph has a valid point about the upcoming winter though.

Here Vanessa gives a suggestion on how to resolve this agreement... A duel with her wooden sword against his wooden staff. Zheph is scared of dueling her, but how bad could it really be?

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Wizard Sketch

Here's a sketch of a particular wizard from my web comic series Zheph Skyre. He may become one of the main characters. There maybe a certain characteristics about him that might be seen in his appearance here, but these are important aspects that I will address after this character is introduced. I didn't have this characteristic in mind for him until recently, and honestly it makes him more interesting. Before he didn't have much of an interesting background, but now it is more compelling. Hopefully others will see that too when the time comes.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Some More Robot Sketches & Anime Boston Plans

 Here are some more robot sketches. They are mostly just different types of drones that may appear in my web comic series.

Certain robots would have certain abilities.

There's also a sketch of some high tech armor that a human can wear.

I was thinking that selling home made candy at the vendor's table for Anime Boston might be a little sketchy. However, I was thinking that a little wrapped candy included with some of my products might help my sales.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Page 71 of Zheph Skyre and Becker Game Jam

 I have uploaded page 71 of Zheph Skyre. Luckily, there are only a few coloring details here and there that I was not able to include yet, but that will be remedied soon.

I will be participating in Becker Collage's 8th annual 24 Hour Game Jam in Worcester, Massachusetts. People will be gathering together in order to create games from scratch. Teams will be created in order to create either a video game, board game, card game, or It will run from 5:00 PM Friday April 5th to 5:00 PM Saturday April 6th. More information is available on their Facebook page and you have to sign up in order to participate.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Breaking Bad

I was suggested to check out this television show called "Breaking Bad" that has been playing on A.M.C along with "The Walking Dead," and the first three seasons have been available on Netflix. I have finished watching the first season, which is only seven episodes, and it is awesome!

Bryan Cranston is very entertaining to watch. He can pull off being completely helpless to being very bad ass in an intelligent way. I was surprised considering the only other role I have ever seen him in was the father on the Fox television show "Malcolm in the Middle" which had a cast fully dedicated to humor. "Breaking Bad" has its funny moments, but it by far much more darker than the mainstream television show Cranston was on before. This show's premise focuses on the production of meth, which always makes the audience worry if the protagonist will get caught or get killed.

The rest of the cast is very good, but none seem to be nearly as good. Perhaps it is because of Cranston's character, which has the main focus and for good reasons.

I have heard various things about the other seasons. I will assess those on my own.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Page 69 and 70 of Zheph Skyre Are Complete

I have managed to complete pages 69 and 70 of my Zheph Skyre web comic.

Here is page 69. I just wanted to show that Vanessa also enjoys books as well. Typically they are different books than what Zheph might read, but she appropriates them anyways. Zheph enjoys receiving her affection for the gift. It seems like more and more Zheph has a crush on her.

Here is page 70. I wanted to show that although Zheph has a crush on Vanessa that she is completely oblivious to it. However, she does not hesitate to touch Zheph all the time. Perhaps she has a crush on him too, though she might either be trying to hide it, or she doesn't realize it yet.

I had to get more large manga paper to draw this web comic on, but I was not able to get the same exact brand so a few of the measurements might be different on upcoming pages.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Page 69 of Zheph Skyre in Black and White

I have uploaded the next page of my Zheph Skyre web comic a few minutes late, and it is in black and white. I apologize, but I have been busy. It was thought that winter would be over soon here in New England and yet it snowed heavily. I took that opportunity to snowboard.

Monday, March 18, 2013


I recently finished watching the first and second season of Transformers Prime on Netflix. This is one of the best Transformers series. It has engaging characters both good and evil, the humans manage to show some usefulness now and again despite being in way over their heads, and the plot makes sense even though situations change very quickly for both Autobots and Decepticons.

I would love to watch the third season, but it is not available on Netflix yet, just like the eighth season of Supernatural and the third season of The Walking Dead. I will be ending my subscription for Netflix soon and won't go back unless or until they update their seasons.

The original series of Transformers set a staple for the franchise, but it had many flaws. For instance, there were many very useful abilities that the robots had shared in the first episode that they barely use if at all in the rest of the series. It makes no sense for robots like Soundwave and Megatron to transform into objects of much smaller size and can not move. The humans in the series seemed to serve absolutely no purpose besides showing the audience that this story takes place on earth. Also, there were certain plot details that didn't make sense.

Transformers the Animated Series, was okay. You definably got the sense that the Autobots had it rough against the Decepticons, but the Autobots seem to be much too weak in comparison. The Autobots usually had hard times against numerous human enemies, and their abilities were by far too weak and not amusing at times. Sure Optimus Prime had an ax, but how often would spraying fire extinguishing foam be against lasers and missiles? Also, certain voices didn't seem that impressive, and were sometimes just annoying.

Beast Wars was an amazing show too. It was a follow up story arc to the original Transformer series set in the distant future with the ancestors of Autobots, Maximals, and Decpeticons, Predicons, traveling back in time to the era when the robots were asleep for a million years on Earth. They find themselves stranded on this planet with no hope to find their way back to Cybertron fighting a war against each other. Robots of this time era are much smaller and transform into creatures instead of vehicles. It opened up the story for alternative plots in some episodes besides fighting over Energon. It also gave the toy line some new directions to go in. Instead of making entirely new characters, they managed to change some of their forms.

The first two episodes of Beast Wars are very simplistic. The dialogue is very simple and the animation needed a lot of work. The series did develop very well over time.

This series had some awesome characters. Optimus Primal was a very strong leader, and this Megatron was especially sinister and diabolical which was fun. Rat Trap was funny yet awesome at times, Cheetor developed from an annoying youth to an awesome character, Rhinox seemed to be very reliable, it was hilarious to see Waspernator as everyone's punching bag, Rampage was creepy yet awesome, Silverbolt was interesting to see when he tried to do what he believed was right despite when he seemed to be fighting against his own comrades, and Taranchalus was a smart independent thinker. Dinobot was my character from the series. He was the poetic warrior who joined the Autobots after having a falling out with the Predicons. Dinobot was constantly arguing his points and wanted to lead. It was very sad when he died in the series, but he went out a hero. Even the Transmetal 3 clone of Dinobot was awesome. I think many people were a huge fan of Blackaracnia, since there have been similar characters to her in two other Transformer series.

One thing I do have to complain about is how often most of these characters have come to dying and yet they managed to put themselves back together. It was hard to take seriously at times when these characters were in danger, and when certain characters actually did die it raised questions. Though it did make sense at times since certain characters were not that interesting, or there were too many characters being added on.

I do not like the follow up series Beast Machines nearly as much as this one. It had some awesome fight scenes, but it lacked in certain areas.

(This image is from

I only saw a little of Transformers Armada. The complex plot appeared to be interesting at times, but the animation seemed to be lacking a lot. These Transformers were still bulky machines that relied on firepower too often.

Micheal Bay's Transformer movies were not nearly as good as these series. Those movies concentrated on the humans of Earth way too much even though they are not that interesting, didn't concentrate on the robots nearly as much, had robots that were just not entertaining to watch, made the robots appear to be much more fragile than they should have been, and the movies were inconsistent. Sure there were a few good action scenes, but good movies require more. I did not even bother to see Dark Side of the Moon.

Overall, Transformers has had numerous series that have been entertaining generations for years.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Page 67 and 68 of Zheph Skyre are finished

I almost didn't think I would have gotten these two pages done on time, but I did it! And I absolutely love page 68! It contains elements I am more skilled at making and elements I am more interested in.

Here is page 67 of my web comic Zheph Skyre. I decided to have Vanessa only say a few words in a speech bubble within the second panel. The images speak for themselves enough for now. They might be a little confusing, but I don't want her visions to be clear. I want the future to be a mystery still.

This is page 68 of my web comic Zheph Skyre. I am hoping to convey a sense of dread with this image. Though I wanted to give Zheph and Vanessa a reason to comfort themselves into believing that this dream will not come to fruition.

I love drawing monsters! This may only be a vision, but I love how they came out!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The New Wall at the Worcester Art Museum & Higgins Armory Move

The Wall at the Worcester Art Museum has finally been replaced. The workers had put the last piece of the digital image by Robert and Shana ParkeHarrison called These Days of Maiuma onto the wall today.

Honestly, it looks better, but I believe people are still going to have complaints about it. The subject matter seems to be strange. A man appears to be walking onto the floor mosaic in the Renaissance Court at the museum and is carrying a dead dear with blood dripping into glasses fastened to his shoes. There also appears to be a lot of garbage from after a fancy dinner party. The girl laying down seems interesting, with a glass to her ear containing a butterfly. What really might offend people is the possible suggestion of cocaine lines on a plate in the image. Parents are bound to be upset about that. The description is not yet available, so I don't quite understand it fully.

There will be an official opening for this new wall art on March 23rd.

Also, I heard a rumor recently that Higgins Armory is going to close and the Worcester Art Museum is taking in the collection. That's great for the art museum, but I feel really bad for everyone who works at the Armory. I know times are tough, but this does not make it better. Supposedly, some of Higgins' collection will be displayed in the library, and some will be displayed in the Hiatt gallery after Kennedy to Kent State is closed.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Anime Boston Progress

I have been conversing with two artists in sharing a vendor's table at Anime Boston. If anyone else wants to take part in this opportunity, please contact me as soon as possible.

One artist is Flyingsciurus, who has an interesting blog with pictures of hand made figurines of popular characters.

Another artist is Tanya Austin, who sells steam punk hats on

Check out both of their work! They are really good at what they do.

I also received an email for a possible panel sign up. If anyone wants to take part in that, please contact me. It will be be a panel of artists hopefully.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

2nd Post of the Day: Page 66

Page 66 of Zheph Skyre is not fully complete, but I have still uploaded it. I am looking forward to the next two pages. So far there has only been very subtle hints that this story has fantasy elements in it, but that may change soon enough...

I wanted to post the post I posted earlier today yesterday, but things got busy for me. I couldn't wait until tomorrow, so two posts today.

Vendor's Table at Anime Boston

I received an email from Anime Boston notifying me that the tables are available for vendors. I would have liked to have a table at the Artists' Alley, but the spaces were filled up with a random system so I am forced to find an alternate. Unfortunately, I will not be able to afford the $575 table space on my own. Therefore, I am offering to share this possible table space with anyone who is interested in selling merchandise at Anime Boston. We would equally share the space and the cost for the table. The more people there are who would like to share this table space, the better. I myself would be selling my artwork on prints, Magic cards, comic books, and will be promoting my web comic. If anyone is interested, please contact me through my email.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Page 65 & 66 of Zheph Skyre

I have completed both page 65 and 66 of Zheph Skyre. Luckily there was a snow storm that allowed me to go home early and finish posting these page.

Here we see Zheph and Vanessa sharing a very nice moment, until Vanessa playfully jokes with Zheph. I wanted to covey on this page that people shouldn't allow others to get them down about their appearances, and that people shouldn't judge others on their appearances. I know that is an old lesson that has been taught numerous times, but I think it is worth telling again.

Here we see Zheph getting dressed after being bathed and having his bruises tended to. Zheph appears to be curious about Vanessa's dream even though he doesn't believe these dreams are predictions of the future. I wanted to show that Zheph was still interested in Vanessa's life even though they doesn't share the same opinions. Vanessa seems to feel uneasy about talking about it. She claims that Jahovac was all she saw in her dream, but her reaction doesn't convincing.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Last night I went to the 9th annual Taste of the Towns on behalf of my father's computer repair business, Allatar. It was an event in West Boylston at the Manor Restaurant where numerous other restaurants, bakeries, breweries, and other businesses met together as they tasted food and drink samples. There was a large turnout and everything was delicious. Of course it cost $25 to enter, but the price was worth it.

The Taste of the Towns had businesses from Holden, MA and a few of the surrounding towns.

The Backyard Grillin' Company made some really tasty grilled meat on rice. Val's Restaurant also had two incredible dishes to serve. The Mexicali Grill, which recently replaced the Playa del Carmen on Main Street in Holden, had numerous different Mexican dishes to serve that were all tasty. Ethan's Family Restaurant served an Italian favorite that was really good.

One noteworthy bakery was the Owl and the Pussycat Cakes, which had tiny cupcakes with very tasty frosting. Another was the Bean Counter, which had very rich chocolate cupcakes with a light cream filling.

The Carolina Liquor Division made some really good margaritas. 

There were numerous other businesses, and I look forward to the possibility of going again next year.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Free Drawing Club on Wednsdays at the Worcester Art Museum

I hadn't noticed until today (technically yesterday) when I was on the fourth floor that there was a table for a Free Drawing Club at the Worcester Art Museum. Whenever this table has been at the museum on a Wednesday, I have either not been working, or I have been scheduled for an area the table was not located in because it moves around. An intern was in charge of this table.

The intern asked people to draw a picture of a piece of art with paper and pencils he provides, and then he collects them. He takes pictures of them, but I don't know the other specifics about what he does with the sketches. Here's a sketch I drew of a fish from the fountain on the fourth floor and the actual fish from the fountain.

I think the sketches will be displayed somewhere eventually.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Page 65 of Zheph Skyre

I have uploaded page 65 of Zheph Skyre. It still requires some coloring as usual, but I'm glad I was at least able to get this much complete for today.

I'm hoping to get through these touching moments quickly because there other interesting aspects I want to get to.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Wall at WAM Replaced

The Wall at the Worcester Art Museum, or the "Wall at W.A.M.", has had this particular art piece painted on it by Charline von Heyl for over a year. Charline decided to base her design on one of the paintings in the 20th to 21st Century Gallery called Orange and White. Recently it has been decided to have this particular piece of art is being replaced.

They have been slowly but surely been removing this piece of artwork. For the most part, they have been concentrating on removing the thick black lines. The mosaics had to be covered and the front entryway has been blocked off for protection as the removal of the paint on the wall has been underway.

From there, they have been covering the entire wall with coats of white paint, so that nothing shows through it.

Personally, I did not really care for this abstract design by Charline von Heyl for the wall. I can understand that it would have taken too long to paint something more detailed than this, but the design was just orange, white, and black. The orange made it too ugly and gaudy. Perhaps a larger palette would have been better. I believe there were much more interesting pieces throughout the museum to draw reference from. Though from what I have seen for the next image that will be on the wall, I still think there could have been something better.

There will be an Artist Reception for the new wall on March 23rd starting at 5 PM. I will take pictures of the wall when it is complete.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Page 64 of Zheph Skyre

I have uploaded page 64 of Zheph Skyre the web comic. If people are wondering why the pages on Friday always seem complete while on Tuesday there seems to always be a few details missing, the reason is simple. If you noticed, the format changes a little, where my signature is either on the top or the bottom. The reason is that the pages on Tuesdays are going to be printed on the top while the pages on Fridays will be printed on the bottom of each page when I actually get the whole book printed out. It will be in the format of manga, except obviously with color. I'm hoping that eventually I will post the full size of the pages each week, but this format seems to at least provide something to see more often. I still need to improve this schedule and format, I know.

Here Zheph talks to Vanessa about why he hides his tail. He wonders if he is even really human. He is saddened that his useful creations are ignored. Vanessa's reaction seems to be an unexpected one though.