Monday, April 28, 2014

Page 130 of Zheph Skyre!

I finished coloring in page 130 of Zheph Skyre! I have been very busy this past week with work and social events, but I am going to buckle down this week to catch up with myself! I still have a lot of hours at my job, but I am focusing my free time on this comic!

Here you can see a very odd foreboding character in the background as the orcs continue to discuss their next phase. Truly I want to introduce this character as soon as possible, but it is not within the story line for him to make an actual appearance yet. I have been conceiving this certain character for a long time, and I am quite anxious to bring him to life! It will have to wait though.

Meanwhile, Zheph runs out of bullets. Vanessa suggests him to use his staff, but Zheph is reluctant. He knows his combat skills are not that good, so he tries to find another plan of attack. Apparently he found one utilizing his grappling hook! What comes next I find to be really funny...

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Page 129 of Zheph Skyre is Finished!

I finally finished coloring in page 129 of Zheph Skyre! It was taking a while because of my very busy schedule. Hopefully I can still get pages 130 and 131 colored in before I post 132!

On this page, Zheph realizes he has no other options and is forced to kill orcs. Vanessa seems to sympathize with him, but doesn't show nearly as much emotional pain as he does as she strikes an orc down herself. Clearly she has trained herself to fight, but what occurred for Vanessa that makes her less bitter about killing?

Meanwhile the orcs everywhere are starting to run into problems. After they have ransacked the wealthy sector of Corthon, they have found a ton of resistance from the humans. I wanted to show that even if an invading force manages to break into a fortified area that they will still face resistance. People will band together whenever necessary in order to survive. The orcs are also not receiving any assistance from the dragon, which may tell you how well this partnership is...

I decided to keep the background red because everyone is now fighting and I think gray would just make things look dull. I also didn't bother putting sound effects in the panel with the collage of fighting because it is way too busy as it is.

This weekend is the pre-release of "Journey into Nyx" for Magic the Gathering. I enjoyed "Born of the Gods" so I look forward to this.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Page 131 of Zheph Skyre in Black and White

As much as I would have loved to get pages 129, 130, & 131 of Zheph Skyre done for yesterday, I'm afraid I was a little too busy to do so. Pages 129 and 130 are almost complete, & I have started coloring 131. All of these pages should be done within the week.

I will show some interesting pictures I took during Easter in a later blog post.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Arisia 2014 Video

Here's my video of Arisia 2014 that I filmed for my internship at WCCA TV13. I uploaded it to my web comic site and my Youtube channel. I'm just glad I finally got to upload this because it is another chance to show my artwork.

There's no web comic page this week. I am trying to get all of the pages that are behind done as soon as possible.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Blue Exorcist

I have recently begun watching the Anime "Blue Exorcist" on Toonami. So far I have been enjoying this series. It has a good artistic style, contains a lot of good animation, and has some very humorous scenes. The only thing I don't like about this series is the blue flames, as the animation for that doesn't match the rest of the animation. I think it would have been much better if they took a little more time to animate the blue flames. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood at least animated the fire in that series and it looked awesome!

This series is about a teenage boy named Rin Okumura who is the son of a priest named Shiro Fujimoto with his younger brother Yukio. It turns out Rin is the son of Satan and possesses demonic abilities with the help of a sword that distorts his features. When Satan kills Shiro trying to get to Rin, the son of Satan decides to become an Exorcist himself to battle the forces of Hell. Rin goes to a school for Exorcists where there are tons of surprises ready for him.

There are so many Anime series where the protagonist has some dark power of some sort in them and they try to battle against the urge to become monsters. At times, I am tired of this repeated scenarios, but sometimes there is a different spin on the thought and seems interesting in a way.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Space Dandy

I enjoy watching Space Dandy on Cartoon Network's Toonami. I have to admit, it isn't the best Anime show I have seen by far, as there have been plenty of Anime that I have seen that have made me laugh harder. Also, plenty of Anime shows have similar mixes of really good and sub par animation. However, this show definitely beats out Bleach as that series has been going downhill for quite some time now, Naruto at times when the series just drags on, and even One Piece as that series doesn't appear to be ending for another century!

This series has no consistent plot as it is mainly a parody series that makes fun of various topics. Once in a while it may have a certain new idea that might not have been seen in other science fiction shows, but for the most part, it is all for comedy. My favorite episodes are the zombie one, and the race one. Both of those episodes contain some of the best jokes by far in the series.

My biggest surprise about this show is that it premieres here in the USA in English dubbing before it does in Japan in it's native language. I find that superbly awesome! This could mean that the animation studios in Japan are realizing how popular Anime has become to the rest of the world, especially here in America and they are trying to branch out even more. This could be the beginning of a lot of interesting advancements for Anime in general as well as other media!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I uploaded pages 127 & 128 of Zheph Skyre are in full color finally! Pages 129 & 130 are also uploaded, but are still in black and white. I'm not sure whether or not to take a break next week in order to finish the two pages that are not in color.

We can see Zheph is struggling with the choice of killing orcs even as they are charging at him. Vanessa seems to have a different opinion about the whole situation. She knows how dangerous the orcs are and is ready to face them in order to protect herself and her best friend Zheph. It appears Zheph realizes this and is trying to bring himself to kill these creatures.

I wanted to use certain colors in order to portray the emotions that Zheph is going through and the violence that occurs around them. As Zheph and Vanessa get closer to combating these foes, the scenery gets darker and redder. I know a good number of comic artists usually draw the background out, but I am always limited on time. I want to make up for it with certain details.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

CafePress Refuses Another Parody

I made this comic as a parody, but CafePress still considers this as copyright. I will have to print this design out onto stuff through Vistaprint and sell them that way. It is a bit of a pain, but I have no choice.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Page 129 Incomplete

I uploaded page 129 to my website, but it is still in black and white. I need to make a less detailed page so I can update the previous pages in color asap as well.