Sunday, November 29, 2015

Super MegaFest 2015 in Framingham, MA

Last weekend, on the 21st and 22nd, I went to Super Megafest in Framingham Massachusetts. While I was there, I passed out flyers or my we comic series and I sold some of my artwork on printed various items like t-shirts, posters, postcards, mugs, magnets, and other items. I wore my HORSE costume based on the video done by the Internet sensation, TomSka.

This convention was not very large, and had a small attendance, but it did seem a bit interesting. I was located near a 3D printer, and that was cool to watch.

Here are some business cards from various vendors, authors, and artists I saw at the convention.

This seemed interesting, some web comics have included little samples on the back or inside of their cards. I might consider doing something like that at some point.

Some vendors just gave away stickers as their business cards, which seemed like a fun idea!

And here was the program book for the convention. There were not that many panels at the convention, but there were plenty of guests and vendors there. There's another Super Megafest in April in Marlborough, but I am unsure if I should go to that one.

There was also some interviewing press form the online show  Con-Men. They interviewed me, but they still haven't posted a video of this convention on their website yet.