Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kickstarter Project Restarted & Page 141 Finished!

I had to restart my Kickstarter Project yet again. I was 39% from reaching my goal, but unfortunately the people who had told me they would pledge were not able to at the time. This time I am going to have the project up for 60 days. If it does not work this time, than I will switch to Indiegogo.

I also uploaded the finished version of page 141 of Zheph Skyre. I apologize if it has been taking a while for me to finish up these pages, but I am currently working on multiple projects.

On this page, the dragon gets angry at Zheph, but Zheph tries to maintain his courage nonetheless. The dragon finds this amusing, and he let's Zheph go... that is he throws Zheph soaring into the air high above the city!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Pinky and the Brain Q&A Connecticon 2014 Video

There was no new update of pages on Zheph Skyre. However, here is a video of Maurice LaMarche and Rob Paulsen at the "Pinky & the Brain Q&A" at Connecticon 2014. These guys were a hoot to watch! They even swore, though I don't think this panel was supposed to be 13+, but who cares! It was awesome! I grew up with their characters!

Friday, October 3, 2014

Page 140 of Zheph Skyre is Complete and 5 Minute Video of Connecticon 2014 is up!

I have uploaded a five minute video about Connecticon 2014. It is also posted on the main page of my web comic. It includes clips of people in cosplay, famous  people in panels, the Artists' Colony, the vendors, the masquerade, the food available at the convention, and some other things. There will be more videos available soon.

Here's page 140 of Zheph Skyre. I still have a few other pages left of chapter four to complete.

On this page the dragon seems content at first with playing with Zheph as it appears he is helpless. Vanessa tries to hurt the dragon, but normal blades do not appear to be capable of puncturing his thick skin. Somehow though, Zheph's really hot blade manages to pierce the dragon's claw. Most likely the combination of Zheph's blade being made from a tough metal and the fact that his blades heat up to ridiculous temperatures must make it possible for his blade to burn through the dragon's flesh. Maybe there's more to it though...

This attack of Zheph's appears to only have angered the dragon. This dragon throws Zheph aside, sending him skidding on the ground. Zheph's day just gets worse and worse...

There are currently 10 days left of my Kickstarter crowd sourcing project, so please remember to donate soon if you are planning to donate. Currently, the funds are at $270, and I know of a few people who are going to donate, but the project must get to the goal of $800 before the deadline. Just letting everyone know.