Friday, June 28, 2013

Page 95 and 96 are Unfinished

I still have more to color in on pages 95 and 96, but I did upload them for now. Again, I hope to finish them this weekend.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Deathnote Parody Products

I have been making this new series of Deathnote parody product designs for my Cafe Press store. I am really excited at how these have turned out! I love how the "My" goes so well with the title, and how the Chibi Ryuk looks!

Pretty much I put together certain individuals that many people would want to see their name written in a Deathnote. Most of them are real people, some of them are not, but all of the deaths they would experience from these descriptions are so preposterous that they could never occur in real life anyways. Except for one, but I think people would agree that no one misses Osama bin Laden. I also have a design with the characters from Twilight and M. Night Shyamalon. Soon I will have one for Paris Hilton, Micheal Bay, Stephanie Myer, and the cast of the Jersey Shore. I might try to make one for Justin Bieber.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Page 95 and the Jeppson Gallery at WAM

I updated my web comic Zheph Skyre, but it is in black and white right now. I feel really sick, so there is a very good excuse.

The Jeppson Gallery at the Worcester Art Museum on the upper third floor had been closed for a few weeks for renovation, but it is finally reopened. It is now the Idea Lab, where the exhibit concentrates on one particular piece. There is a video included in this gallery and a few touch screens for more information and activities for the children. It is currently only displaying thee statues.

These are three Greek Orante type statues from Canosa, Magna Graecia, dating to the 3rd BCE. These women are portrayed to be praying in different ways. Currently, there are less than 100 left in the world.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Wedding of Jillian Costa & Johnathan Helme

Last Thursday June 20th, 2013, my friends Jillian Costa and Johnathan Helme got married. The wedding was at Jill's parents' house and it was beautiful. The reception was at Benjamin's Restaurant in Taunton, MA. It was perhaps the best wedding reception I have ever been to.

The whole wedding had a main theme of Game of Thrones. Some of the music that played was from the show, and the tables at the reception where we sat were named after the houses. There was also a little bit of The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and zombies incorporated within the reception.

There were some interesting things that occurred at the wedding. There was this tradition where we all tied knots in these ribbons the bride and groom wore around their hands that represent the number of years of happiness they will have. We were also about to do a drum circle, but we ran out of time before the reception.

As we waited to be seated in the reception room, waitresses came around serving delicious hors d'oeurves and each table had either a card or board game for people to play. The table I waited at had Apples 2 Apples which was really fun. Funny thing is, I brought Monty Python Fluxx.

Once we got into the reception room, we waited for the bride's maids, the grooms men, and the parents of the bride and groom to be announced to enter the room. Once they all entered, the doors were closed, the bride and groom were introduced, and in they came escorted by Darth Vader with Storm Troopers as the Imperial March played in the background. It was hilarious!

We watched a touching, if not funny at times, video the couple made about how they met and about their lives. The video also included pictures from their childhoods and a humorous comic they put together of themselves in "The Walking Dead." Then we ate a good meal and cake.

Then there were the dances of the groom with his mother, the bride with her father, and the bride and the groom. Just as all of that finished, zombies came in and began to dance to Micheal Jackson's Thriller! Afterwards I asked who's ideas these were and Jill told me everything was her idea. She loves to be crazy, and we love her for it.

We were also given these inspirational zombie cards as well as mixed CD's. Both were really interesting.

 For the rest of the night, we danced on the dance floor. My favorite songs were Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody, of which we got into a circle to sing and rock out, and Europe's The Final Countdown. The rest were mostly pop songs, which I'd only dance to at these sort of occasions.

All in all, I really enjoyed it. I got to talk to friends I hadn't seen in a while and new people who I had common interests with.

Jilly Bean, John, I wish both many years of happiness!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Page 93 and 94 of Zheph Skyre

Here are pages 93 and 94 of Zheph Skyre finished! I'm hoping this does not put me back on my schedule, but so far it is looking a lot like it will. There maybe some small additions that I need to make at some point, but I will not worry about them now.

Here on page 93, Zheph is making his escape on his steam powered unicycle. Although the guards are in metal armor, they are not able to physically stop Zheph on this vehicle. In fact, it appears that they are scared of it. Perhaps they do not possess the best skills to defend the city anyways.

Here we see Zheph contemplating what must have happened just as an arrow gets shot into his leg. This arrow looks familiar as well. I had a feeling that most people would think that Zheph wasn't being challenged enough yet, and I agree with that. Now we will see just how effective his enemies truly are.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Page 93 and 94 of Zheph Skyre

I got pages 93 and 94 of Zheph Skyre uploaded, but they still require certain details in shadowing. I apologize for being late, but I had a busy week. Yesterday I went to my friend's wedding, of which I will share details with next time, and today my grandparents came to visit. I will have the pages done this weekend!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Chibi Ruyk

I have been working on this design for some t-shirts and other products using aspects from the Anime Deathnote as well as some other references. This is all for the purpose of parody, so I am respecting copyright laws. Hopefully I can get them done and up on my Cafe Press store soon.

Here's a chibi version of the Light's shimigami Ryuk from Deathnote. There are still some touch ups I need to do on it and I have to color it as well.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Page 93 Black and White

So far Page 93 of Zheph Skyre is only in black and white. At some point I hope to find someone who is willing to help work with me on this web comic so that I can update this at a better rate with better quality. Unfortunately, I do not have the money to pay an extra hand right now, which also means I have to search for jobs that can actually pay in the meantime, and I hope my audience can understand that.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Page 91 and 92 of Zheph Skyre Uploaded

I uploaded both page 91 and 92 of Zheph Skyre. I also updated the archive just in case anyone was wondering.

Here's page 91. I have it start off with Zheph looking through the periscope to see Luther and his men working at breaking through the entrance to Zheph's hideout. I thought it would be funny to show that Zheph still reacts nonchalantly to this and activates a trap.

Here we see the knights' reaction to Luther's latest blunder against Zheph. And finally Zheph comes out from hiding. The only question left is, how is he going to deal with this dilemma?

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Carnage Mask

 I made a mask out of baking clay and tin foil. It is supposed to be of the super villain Carnage from Marvel Comic's Spider-man. I made it for possibly dressing up as the character at conventions in the future.

 For a while, I was uneasy about finishing this mask. The first layer of black clay on the tin foil proved to be very fragile. I went with tin foil originally because I had used a soft metallic material to make a mask with this clay before, but it didn't mold to the shape of my head as easily as tin foil. Luckily adding extra layers of black and the other colors really helped solidify it before I baked it.

What also really helped was the fact that I used clay sculpting tools in order to make this mask. This is perhaps the best thing I have ever made with Sculpy!

In order to make the rest of the costume, I will need to get liquid latex and a full body tight suit.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Page 91 in Black and White 7 & FLUXX Video

I have uploaded the next page of Zheph Skyre, but it is in black and white still. There was a certain amount of detail that I did not keep in mind. Hopefully I can get this and the next page done completely soon.

I will be posting an explanation video soon about how to play the card game FLUXX. I just have a few more details to edit on it before it is ready.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Witch Hunter Robin

A while ago, I had bought the first DVD of the Anime series Witch Hunter Robin. At the time I thought it was the full series, but it was just the first DVD in a box for the entire series with a t-shirt, a shot glass, and a few other items for the series. I had to purchase the other DVDs online in order to complete the series because at the Anime conventions they only sell complete series sets and I don't require the whole series when I have the first disk. So lately, since I had canceled my subscription to Netflix, I have been watching this series.

(This image is from

I finally got around to watching the entire series, and I have to say it was interesting. Guaranteed there are Anime with stories that are much easier to follow and with better animation, but this series was still interesting.

WARNING: Spoilers!

I found some of the powers that witches have to be interesting, though a good number of them seemed to have some form of telekinesis. I mostly liked the art style of this series. Robin has a very unique look to her and the other characters have interesting characteristics too. I would have liked to see more witches that would have been much more of a threat and to see their personality as the villain stays for a while on the show instead of just having the anti-witch technology being the main adversary. There are quite a few shows that have the organization the team works for turn out to be the villains, so it has been seen before.

Still, I recommend this series to be watched at least once through. It is much better than a good number of Anime series that just flopped.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pages 89 and 90 of Zheph Skyre

I have uploaded the latest 2 pages of my web comic Zheph Skyre. I have also went back into two pages and fixed some details (just young Zheph's shirt).

Here on page 89, we finally come to the end of Zheph's flashback. Zheph wakes up to the sound of loud booms. I don't think I will go back to a flashback until at least another chapter is finished.

Here on page 90, Zheph slowly makes his way out of bed and takes a peek through the periscope he had installed. Apparently there's some trouble brewing outside...

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Page 89 and Armikrog

I have uploaded the next page of my web comic Zheph Skyre. The coloring is not finished, but I have been able to get more done than I thought. I added a banner for this Kickstarter at the top of my page. It will be there for only a few pages.

Here's a Kickstarter Project I have a feeling many people would like to see come to life. This is a picture of certain characters from the claymation video game Armikrog. Obviously it is a point and click game as it would be difficult if not impossible to create a platform game with this type of animation.

There are some really talented people behind the animation and the voice acting for this particular game. There are people from the team that created the video game Earth Worm Jim, and there are voice actors from the cartoon series Animaniacs.

Monday, June 3, 2013

New Japanese Prints at WAM

There are some new prints by a particular artist being put on display in the Japanese Gallery at the Worcester Art Museum. They contain a mixture of the authentic Japanese print style with some oil painting from the Western World. Up above, we can see these four prints representing the four seasons of the year. There is the Hakone Museum in Autumn, there is the Snow Country, there is the Heirinji Temple Bell in Spring, and the Silver Pavilion in Kyoto during the summer.

There are also prints of areas outside of Japan like Mount Kilimanjaro,

San Fransico,

and Monument Valley.