Monday, March 30, 2015

Pages 155 & 156 are Complete! Also a Funny...

Here's page 155. We see the end of Zheph's flashback & we are back to Zheph and Jahovac chatting. Jahovac surprisingly sympathizes with Zheph's tramatic experience, but then he gives him some disturbing facts. Pretty much, Jahovac convinces him that he has no option other than to slay the dragon. Zheph tries to think of a way to defeat this beast, but he can't think of any ideas.

Here's a funny strip I decided to do. Instead of some sort of video to use or some random image, I decided to incorporate this short comic of the two characters from the previous page in a humorous explanation of how Zheph managed to get out of the dragon's stomach.

I was originally going to draw a serious page that went along with the flashback, but I did not have enough time, and I like this better because it is funny. I based it off of manga chapters from Genshiken and other series that had hilarious side stories drawn in a much more simple style.

Here's page 156. Zheph remembers a certain invention he has been working on that could help him in his current situation. He remembers that the invention requires more metal that he does not have. Luckily he has an idea of where he can get more metal. Despite such a horrible tragedy occurring in this city, Zheph manages to find something positive amazingly!