Saturday, September 19, 2015

Page 162, 163, 164, & 165 of Zheph Skyre

Sorry I have not been updating this blog as often as I used to, but I have been rather busy with jobs, conventions, and making art! Here are pages 162, 163, 164, and 165 of Zheph Skyre!

Here we see the audience reaction to the King's declaration to reward those who would rescue the princess. As anyone would guess, people are terrified of the dragon and don't care for the princesses one bit. Of coarse Zheph would be willing to at least rescue Vanessa, but why would Sir Luther? Better yet, why would Jacques? He appears to want something...

Jacques wants to become king through marriage to all three princesses. This seems... rather ridiculous, but the King does not believe he has any options. It does appear Jacques has a plan, but will it work?

I did tend to like working on these pages considering they had less detail than most of them, though there's no action going on.

The King wants as many people as possible to go along with this plan, including Zheph. Zheph seems to disagree, and he tells the King to try to force him along with Jacques. It seems that Zheph has built up enough courage from his past exploits against Heartrogard's Knights to stand up to the King!

And the King goes along with Zheph's second plan! Perhaps he doesn't want to waste the manpower that would be required to save his daughters... Jacques tries to convince Zheph to join up with him, but Zheph knows or believes in many things. He knows from experience that the dragon is no easy opponent. He knows Jacques will never be able to capture Zheph again. And he knows Vanessa would never allow herself to marry Jacques.

More will come after my return from Hartford Comic Con!