Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Page 101 is in Black and White

Unfortunately I could only get my latest web-comic page of Zheph Skyre uploaded in black and white for today. It seems that my scanner isn't working anymore and I have to rely on certain other means to get my page done. Also, this latest page has a lot of detail on it. If anyone complains about certain images in comics lacking a background it may be because the artists don't want to draw all of that detail all of the time, and I completely understand.

This page is another with Vanessa and her sisters, but finally Vanessa has had enough of them.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Page 100 of Zheph Skyre Finished

Here's page 100 of my web comic Zheph Skyre. The only thing that is special about this page is how I drew the musical sounds Vanessa is making as she plays the violin. I really like how that turned out. I didn't think there was anything really miraculous that I needed to have since this is a story based web comic and not a humor one, so it is more important to keep with the story. The only thing I might change later on is showing some of Vanessa's hand on the violin.

Here we see Vanessa being visited by her sisters Marybeth and Cornelia as she practices the violin. Her sisters tell her of Zheph's current situation, and that they heard a rumor that she was very close to Zheph. They appear to have devious expressions on their faces as Vanessa reacts to this troubling news. What will Vanessa do?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Page 100 of Zheph Skyre

I have uploaded page 100 of Zheph Skyre. I still have to edit some details on it though. I was scared because my scanner wasn't working and I had to use my mom's, but hers didn't scan some of the fine detail, so I had to redraw some things on the computer.

On this page Vanessa returns to the scene. I'll share more about it later...

Friday, July 19, 2013

Connecticon Press Business Cards Part 3

Here are the last four business cards I collected from the Press room at Connecticon. Again, check them out for information on what occurred at the convention. I have just started to edit the video on Connecticon, and hopefully the Anime Boston one will be done soon too.

 Here's a card for the B-Team Podcast.

 Here's a card for Star Wars Autograph Collection.

Here's a business card for g33king out. This website was created by a group of geeks from all over the great USA that wanted to share their passions of video games, movies, tv, comics, Internet trends and viral videos, anime, technology, cats, and all things nerdy with other cool people on the interwebz. This site is a place for all to embrace the geek, so this is a warning that things might get a little weird. And by weird, we mean awesome.

Here's a business card for Skolnick Films.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Connecticon Press Business Cards Part 2

 Here are some more business cards from the Press at Connecticon. All of them too also have information about what occurred at the convention.

Here is a business card for DoubleTake Productions.

 Here is a business card for Moar Powah. They are a media outlet that covers multiple forms of entertainment. They have covered anime, movies, comics, manga, and other popular media.

 Here we have a flyer for Secret Indentity a podcast website.

Here is a business card for Sketchy Details.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Connecticon Press Business Cards Part 1

 Here are some business cards from other people at Connecticon who had press badges. If you want to watch some neat stuff that occurred at Connecticon, visit their websites, otherwise wait until I edit and upload my video.

 Here is a card for www.bookshelfbombshells.com.

 Here is a card for "Iconography By..." They are a full service photography studio specializing in events and commissioned portraiture.

Here is a card for Mari-Bow Productions.

And here we have a handmade business card for www.fangirlsarewe.com.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Page 99 Uploaded

I finally managed to upload page 99 of Zheph Skyre. I am so happy I finally got this page uploaded after being very busy for the past few weeks. As you can see, it is a page twice as large as the other pages and it is already in color, so I will be only uploading one page per week. It might change depending on certain circumstances, but most likely it would update more often.

On this page, the thugs go back to Jacques and report the situation to him. Jacques appears to have expected this outcome, but he is actually pleased. For Jacques, Zheph has been injured and has had to use a few of his resources already. Zheph will most likely be an easier target to capture at this rate. Zheph has to find someplace to hide, so he decides to go to the castle. Not the first place I would expect, but perhaps his reasons are justified...

Monday, July 15, 2013

Connecticon 2013

I went to Connecticon this past weekend, and I had a blast again! This time I got a press badge, so I got to go these press conferences with the special guests that came to the Convention. Unlike the question and answer panels, the press conferences had much fewer people, though each guest had less time, but they were still able to answer our questions.

I also went to some panels. A few of them I filmed. I bought a few things, voted at the FMV contest which had some really good videos compared to Anime Boston this year, I got to play this video games called Skull Girls and Cloudberry Kingdom which is very addictive, and a few other fun things.

The only two down sides about this past weekend. One, I got food poisoning on Friday night from eating at McDonald's. I will never go there again. Two, I skipped out on going back on Sunday. I felt like taking it easy on my 27th birthday.

I will provide more details about Connecticon later!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Resubmitions in My Store, my Web Comic Changes, & Connecticon so far

I tried to resubmit these designs I made of a Deathnote parody into my CafePress store. As you can see, there is a logo at the top right corner of the image which I did not have there before. I was sent an email saying that I had to have that logo somewhere on my image in order to sell this fan art. I'm hoping it will stay on my store page. If not, than I will print these designs out onto certain items via Vistaprint. I don't know if I would be able to create a store page for these parody items, but I will try.

I'm thinking of only updating my web comic once a week instead of two times. However, I would have each page twice as tall, giving more content. I believe this would give me a chance to get each page done in color on a regular basis rather than consistently having to re-upload images after I color them in.

I am thoroughly enjoying Connecticon with my Press Badge. I highly recommend to others to try to get Press badges to conventions. I have been meeting interesting people through networking, had some snacks (not sure this will be available for all conventions), and I have had access to certain areas and group interviews with my camera that I usually wouldn't have.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fluxx 101

Here's an instructional video I created on how to play the card game Fluxx. I used the video recording equipment and the editing software at the Holden Community Television station in order to create this. It will be showing on channel 11 in the Holden area at some point soon. In the future I might create a video on how to play other card games like I described at the end of this video. Before that, I will have a video on Anime Boston and Connecticon.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Page 97 and 98 are Fully Colored

 Here are pages 97 and 98 of my web comic fully colored. I uploaded them to my website, but it maybe taking longer for them to come through for no apparent reason. As for this week's page, I uploaded an instructional video on how to play the card game Fluxx I created. I will discuss about that next time.

 Here's page 97. Here we see Zheph fall off his steam powered unicycle. It's safe to say that he would have to fix it at some point now, but before he can do anything, the knights have surrounded him. Zheph still hasn't even had a chance to pull out the arrow in his leg!

Here's page 98. Zheph manages to pull out another grenade to take care of these knights. This time it produces a stink smell, and since the knights are all wearing helmets, they can't cover their noses. What will Zheph do now?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Page 95 & 96 From Zheph Skyre are Finished, and I Rode a Horse

I have finished coloring the latest two pages of my web comic Zheph Skyre. I also rode a horse yesterday.

 Here on page 95, we see some of the gang without their green cloaks on. Honestly I just didn't want to draw them all the first time around as individuals. I needed to keep a schedule to update to, so I kept it simple that time. I wanted to progress away from such simple cuts like that. Zheph angrily throws his slime grenade, and it takes care of the gang members for now.

Zheph runs into more knights as he tries to escape. He makes a turn, but there is a spike strip waiting for him. He curses Jacques, which means he must have been making a very intricate plan to catch Zheph and yet he planned it accordingly along with the knights' movements...

I rode a horse at Cornerstone Ranch in Princeton, Massachusetts this past Sunday. I don't recall the last time I have been on a horse, but it has been quite a long time and it was not for nearly as long. I went with my mother who had a Groupon for two and wanted to try it. It was more difficult to steer a horse than I thought, especially if you are riding a horse that had the munchies. It was really funny how these horses might not stay following the path that the leader was going on. It was an interesting experience.